Friday, 28 June 2013

Paul's Drive-In Restaurant - Summertime Fun

**it appears right now that Paul's is not operating the Drive-In :-(
- but even if the carhops aren't there, the good food is....maybe you can talk them into bringing it out to your car on a tray from the restaurant....

Paul’s Motor Inn on Douglas Street has transformed their front parking lot for the summer into Paul’s Drive-In. What’s better than a great diner burger? Eating it from a tray clipped to your car window! Whether having dinner like this will bring back memories or make a new one – it’s definitely fun.

They have classic drive-in fare: burgers, hot dogs, BLT’s, fish & chips, plus a kids menu including grilled cheese & chicken fingers. From the fountain (as in soda) there are milkshakes, floats, sundaes, pies and more.

The drive-in is open for business Friday nights and all day Saturday and Sunday. Flags stretched across the parking lot mark off the drive-in and the sizable menu is posted right on the building.

And one of the best parts of it all?....

…food brought to your car by a carhop.

They’ll give you the low-down when you get there – so figure out where your hazard light switch is – you flick them on when you’re ready to order and do the same when you’re done. We came here on Friday night with my mom (who has first-hand experience with both A&W window trays and White Spot through-the-car-trays) and ordered up some burgers, shakes and sides.

First order up (and pictured still sitting on the tray at our window) was a deluxe burger with onion rings. I’ll talk about the burger later, I need to discuss the onion rings. Best rings in ages. Classic, battered onion rings. These days all the rings seem to be breaded, spiced or bloomin’. Am I the only person left to pine for the good ol’ fashioned battered ring? If you are in this club as well – Paul’s Drive-In has us covered. Hallelujah.

Next order up – a deluxe burger again, this time with a yam fry “upgrade” from the regular potatoes. The burger was excellent – the deluxe adds bacon and cheese to the lettuce, onions & tomato of the regular burger. The patty is hand-formed, the lettuce is crisp, the condiments plentiful and the bun is soft - and it (along with everything else) was served to us piping-hot. All around, a very tasty, diner burger.

Last order – a BLT with regular fries. Here I’ll break in with a word about the service. Top notch (ok, two words). When I ordered the BLT, I was asked how I wanted my toast toasted. Wha???? Who ASKS that anymore?! Apparently Paul’s does. So if you like lightly-toasted, medium-brown or burn-it – they will bring you a sandwich with the toast done your way. And the rest of the order went like this “Would you like a side of gravy with your fries?” “Yes, please!” “Turkey gravy or beef gravy? We make them both in house.”…cut to: jaws-dropping in our car. So without further ado – I thoroughly enjoyed my medium-toasted BLT, fries and side of turkey gravy.

We did partake in a couple of milkshakes and a rootbeer float … because, you know, we're at the drive-in....and Ralph & Potsie dared us.

The Summer Drive-In at Paul’s Motor Inn is a lot of automobile fun. Don’t have a car or coming on less than 4 wheels? They have outdoor tables with umbrellas to enjoy your meal at.

We’ll definitely be back again for this summer drive-in – we came mostly for the fun of it – but now it’s the great food AND fun we’ll be back for.

Summer Drive-In at Paul's Motor Inn
1900 Douglas Street (enter off Caledonia corner)
 - Friday 4pm - 10pm
 - Saturday 11am - 10pm
 - Sunday 11am - 7pm

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