Thursday, 13 June 2013

Norte - New Tacos on the Block

Unfortuntely Norte has recently tweeted out to their followers that they won't be reopening for 2014.
They have another exciting project that is taking all their time.
A very sad adios to Norte.

There’s a new taco place in town – Norte Street Food. They're located in Fernwood (on Gladstone Avenue, near Fernwood Avenue). The tacos (served using fresh, in-house made corn tortillas) are "from the pueblos of Northern Mexico". I haven't been to this part of Mexico, but I have made a few trips to this corner of Victoria.

They previously sold their tacos on Bridge Street – but have now set-up permanently, in a cozy little spot between Aubergine Foods and The Fernwood Inn.

It's a tiny place - but....

....there's enough room for some taco magic to happen back there.

I've tried a few of the offerings, and none have disappointed. I'm not a "spicy-or-die" eater, nor am I a "die-from-spicy" nosher - call me middle-of-the-heat-road. The Nopalitos (cactus leaves) and Chicharron (braised pork cheek in salsa verde) both were flavourful with a nice tingling-mouth spice level. I've topped both with salsa fresca from the salsa bar (so they look a bit different in the snaps from when they're handed to you). All are priced between $3.50 and $4.00 and you can add-on beans and/or cheese for a bit extra $.

Nopalitos - Cactus Leaves with Salsa Fresca
Chicharron - Braised Pork Cheek in Salsa Verde (+ Fresca)

The salsa "bar" is a nice way to add some more flavour layers to your taco. There are also bowls of lime wedges, diced onions and chopped cilantro for your customizing pleasure.

To wash it all these fresh corn tortillas & fillings down, there's hibiscus tea, homemade horchata (with vanilla) and Phillip's Soda (root beer & ginger ale) on tap!

Once and a while there are some special treats coming out of the oven as well. A recent visit had us ordering a cinnamon concha (chocolate was also available). Warm, sweet buns with a light cinnamon crust on top.

We really enjoy Norte - the tortillas are great (so soft & fresh...and available for sale - a dozen for $5) and the changing selection of flavourful fillings. Seating is minimal (Fernwood Square is really close though).

...but truth be told - we plunked down right on the curb to eat them: could. not. wait.

Norte Street Food
1308 Gladstone Avenue
Wednesday through Sunday (possibly Tue's as well), 11:30-6:30 (or until sold-out)
Check their twitter @NorteStreetFood or website

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