Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Mortiscycle Doughnuts @ the Superior Point Espresso Bar

Update part deux:
While Mortiscycle currently is no more, I've heard rumours (June 2014) that their doughnuts may live on - Empire Doughnuts. And they are linked with PiCNic (upper Fort St location), possibly after their expansion into the adjacent space. More to come....I'm sure.

Currently the Mortiscycle Doughnuts have not set-up shop for 2014. The previous owner has moved on from Victoria and the currently owners of the Superior are concentrating on the restaurant portion.
Hopefully they'll open the espresso bar outside and maybe some delish doughnuts...

The Superior Point Espresso Bar is a lovely little coffee “stand” at the corner of Superior Street and Kingston Avenue (kitty-corner from the main entrance to Fisherman’s Wharf). It’s been opened by The Superior CafĂ©, whose owner is no stranger to the restaurant industry in Victoria (I’m sure there are some of you who remember having coffee -before it was “having coffee”- at La Boheme or Bohemetea).

They serve 2% Jazz coffee and homemade baked goods including Mortiscycle Doughnuts. Like I wrote before, doughnuts are popping up everywhere (and I say…..awesome-sauce!). I recently stopped in for a quick latte and (twist my rubber arm) a doughtnut to go with it. As I pulled in on two-wheels – I even got a special deal on my morning snack.

Love the vintage Coleman cooler...

You can hang out at the stand, making yourself comfortable on the steps, chairs or...

...saddle up to some stools and a vintage wooden ironing boards.

The daily baked offerings are spelled out in chalk and displayed under colourful netted covers. I chose the Hell’s Angel – roasted strawberry with strawberry glaze. Fabulous doughnut – some nice crispy bits on the outside, the perfect amount of glaze and a great strawberry taste. The doughnuts change up a bit from day to day – on this day other flavours included: the True Grit (peanut, chocolate, amaretto), the Joe (orange glaze), the Mortis (roasted banana, cream, chocolate, amaretto), the Indian (cinnamon sugar) and the Qwerty (coconut, chocolate, amaretto). At $2 and $3, they are a great deal for some fresh, homemade goodness.

I’m sensing another two-wheeled pit-stop to burn rubber through a few more flavours soon.

Superior Point Espresso & Mortiscycle Doughnuts
106 Superior Street
Tuesday to Sunday, 8am-3pm
Check their tweets for updates @superiorcrow

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  1. Nooooo! Bummer I kept meaning to get there, you snooze you lose, but gee that Hell's Angels donut sounds like a delicious treasure of gooey goodness. Come back!