Wednesday, 26 June 2013

AYO Eat - a delicious, spicy corner of Market Square

Ayo Eats in Market Square is a tiny take-out window that produces some big tastes: Indonesian food including green curry, chicken satay, beef curry and egg sambal.

AYO eat in NW corner of Market Square

If you’re not trucking your food back to the office/home, there are picnic tables & benches around the Market to sit and eat at (and I saw a few people chowing down right on the steps below Ayo…couldn’t wait to dig in!). Set in the Northwest corner of the Market (near to Paboom’s back door) – a half door swings open...

to expose the menu and reveal the kitchen:

AYO eat menu

My first dish here - the Nasi Campur Telor Sambal - spicy sambal hard-boiled egg with coconut rice, fried yam & potato slices, pickled vegetables and prawn chips. It packed a good spice kick (and as the chef explained to me, not his spice {tapping his chest} but Canadian spice – so I knew I’d be ok). He was still nice enough to give me an unrequested glass of water with my order.

Egg Sambal with rice, pickled veggies & shrimp chips

There are lots of regular customers here and many were ordering/picking up while I was notching up my rookie visit - the chef greeted everyone genuinely and knew the orders of some, even before they had finished asking for it. I certainly appreciated his help with my “spice trepidation” before ordering the egg sambal. On a return visit with another body in tow, we ordered the peanut chicken satay and chicken green curry (other options were prawn or veggie). The chicken satay was excellent – a very complex tasting peanut sauce with the three skewers, set beside coconut rice and pickled veggies. The chicken green curry was also a hit with flavourful thigh meat pieces, bamboo shoots & green beans sitting in a spicy coconut curry sauce with rice.

Chicken Satay with rice & pickled vegatables
Green Curry (chicken) with bamboo shoots, beans & rice

We’ve really enjoyed everything we’ve eaten here and will be back to try other menu items (and delicious repeats of the sambal, satay & green curry). Those people are right – good things DO come in small packages (or restaurants).

Ayo Eat Indonesian Food
140 – 560 Johnson Street (in Market Square)
Monday, Wednesday-Friday 11:30am – 7:30pm
Saturday/Sunday 12:30pm – 7:00pm
(closed Tuesdays):

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