Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Devour - and we did...every last morsel

Unfortunately Devour has closed their doors :-(
For fans of this little gem of a place, they are coming out with a cookbook.

A tiny little lunch and early dinner spot tucked away on Broughton Street (near Blanshard) is Devour Bistro. The name aptly explains what you'll be doing. There's seating inside and a few tables outside, where you can soak up the sun (which we did).

Recently I met up with a friend and we pretended to be a ladies-who-lunch. And ladies who lunch can start the meal properly....

..with a glass of wine while sitting outside, in the lovely sun.

The menu at Devour changes daily. Check their website to see what’s being served. When you're at the restaurant - the daily offerings are listed on a blackboard behind a glass display of fresh muffins, salads & other tantalizing food.

After (agonizingly) narrowing down the menu choices (they all sound great!), we opt for the popovers and an orzo salad.

First up was the Popovers. Thin slices of lox-salmon, sitting on warm popovers and topped with soft poached eggs and avocado. Served with sliced baked potatoes and a cabbage and greens salad with watermelon. Beautifully prepared & plated. Every bit tasted fabulous and the plate was empty going back to the kitchen.

Next up was the orzo chicken salad with oranges, greens, cabbage and tossed in a light vinaigrette. Refreshing, flavourful and polished off completely.

The menu (along with the kitchen) is small, but covers all the bases – whether you want a bowl of soup, a meal-salad or a full entrĂ©e. Their offerings (changing daily) are always very fresh, unique and well prepared – it’s definitely the type of place I’m assured of getting an excellent, gourmet meal and friendly, knowledgeable service (and a nice selection of wines by the glass, if the need arises).

Even though I don't have the rich spouse/old family money allowing me lengthy country-club lunches on a daily basis - at least at Devour I have the "eating gourmet" angle covered (sometimes on a tight lunch-break; sometimes at a more relaxed pace).

And Thursdays & Fridays they're open for dinners as well - until 9pm (dinner menu starting at 5pm).

762 Broughton Street (near to Blanshard)
Mon-Wed 9am-4pm
Thu-Fri 9am-9pm
website for daily menu: www.devour.ca

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