Friday, 8 March 2013

You should do a, OK.

OK, so I will.

After getting my blog-feet wet while taking a leave from work (and life...and Victoria...and writing about what we saw and ate) - I feel experienced enough to try a food-blog. Because, you know, there's not enough of those in this city (and my first thought is, does my sarcasm come across in my blog? I hope so).

Anyway - I love food, dining out, and finding great little stores with interesting foodie items to buy (sometimes for others).  And I like to tell people about it (whether their eyes roll, gloss over or sparkle - I'll still blab endlessly). So now I'll just be writing endlessly. Well, maybe not endlessly - let's try for every few days and see how that goes.

Thanks for reading and scrolling through my food porn.

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