Saturday, 23 March 2013

Tartan Toque - Winging It

The Tartan Toque, located in the Stadacona Centre (Pandora St. side) is a newer restaurant on the scene in Victoria - opened by the great people from the Shine cafes.  This time they're doing lunch and dinner (because their former places cover breakfast quite nicely).

The Tartan Toque focuses on chicken wings - with twenty (20!) different types of wings - including candied bacon, chipotle maple, dry maple and the list goes on.  But - they also do these sauces with fried tofu sticks!  So if you feel like tofu instead of chicken - they have you taken care of.

Candied bacon chicken wings
Sweet chill tofu sticks

But there's more than wings...

Feel like a burger?  These babies are no slouch either.  Served with onion "nests" vs. traditional rings (I'm a bigger slice-o-onion person myself though - but they were nice and crispy).

There's also a falafel wrap on the menu - a nice, moist falafel loaded with shredded veggies (a great change from other places more "arid" falafel).

Falafel wrap

There's plenty of Phillips beer on tap, plus a soda fountain and bottles of Phillips soda (root-beer and ginger-ale).  Order at the counter and grab a seat or booth - very casual setting with a few TV's around to keep you up on the latest sports (wing & beer specials on for Canucks game nights).

I love that all the sauces are made in-house and they source as much as they can locally AND still hit some good price points.

I'll be back....well, actually I already have been...I guess I should say, I'll be coming back some more!

Tartan Toque
1507 Pandora Ave (in Stadacona Centre)
Noon-9pm Mon-Wed
Noon-10pm Thu-Sat
Noon-8pm Sun

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