Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Argyle Attic - Canadiana Breakfast

On the advice of a friend - we visited the Argyle Attic restaurant this past weekend. We love eating breakfast out....and they were open....the equation worked.

The restaurant is situated above Smith's pub on Courtney Street and can also be accessed through the Quality Inn Hotel on the corner of Blanshard Street. Decorated in rustic Canadiana - it was a comfortable setting of folk-art pictures, 70's table lamps, Hudson Bay blankets and a scarf-wearing mounted stag's head. Nice mix of music playing too.

Breakfast pricing is simple - $12 for everything - and includes a tea or coffee. The menu includes waffles, pancakes, omelettes, traditional eggs & bacon/sausage, and poutine. Our table chose the poutine, an omelette and the pancakes.

The poutine came with a choice of red curry or sausage gravy (the former was opted for). Two perfectly soft-poached eggs were set atop a great amount of cheese, chopped bacon and hash browns, all covered in a lightly spiced curry gravy.

Poutine with red curry gravy & poached eggs

And then the hotcakes and ommy.....

Three fluffy pancakes were served with real maple syrup, two slices of bacon and a cup of chopped fruit.

Pancakes & bacon

The rueben omelette was filled with sliced corned beef and red onions. Served with rosemary hash browns, choice of toast and a cup of fruit. Sorry, one slice of toast missing...can't snap a photo fast enough when everyone is hungry.

Rueben omelette

Rueben closeup - corned beef & onions

All in all breakfast was quite good, the setting was comfortable and the inclusive price was nice. We'll definitely come back.

We had a hiccup trying to get in the place (as the Courtney entrance door was re-locking) - so if you're there for breaky, maybe opt to enter through the hotel (thru the lobby, up the few stairs on the right and down the hall to the end...worth the trek).

Argyle Attic
777 Courtney Street
Open everyday
7am-2pm Breakfast/Lunch
5pm-11pm Dinner/Drinks

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