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Refiner Diner - trucking in good food

Update (May 2014)
Unfortunately the Refiner Diner Food Truck is no more :-(
But....I saw it being reimagined as a new food truck....currently parked in the same space (beside Shatterbox Coffee on Yates St.).
I'll be waiting to visit them when they open.

Food-trucks - I love 'em.

Wish we had more of them here in Victoria - and hopefully, one day, zoning and permit requirements will allow more of these fun and interesting mobile kitchens in town.  Talk to anyone about a great food-truck scene and Portland is usually the first answer (and it's fabulous - the worst part is having to make a choice from so many when you have limited meals while in town).  We may not get to that point in Victoria - but a few more around the garden city would be awesome.

...but I'm loving the ones we have already.

We finally had a chance to try Refiner Diner.  They have recently moved to their new location at 950 Yates St, nestled up to Shatterbox coffee (across from the London Drugs complex).

Look for the diner-sign...

The truck is tucked in from the street...

The menu is written on butcher paper on the side of the truck (check for them on twitter or Facebook). Today's offings included a Philly Cheesesteak, Oyster Po'boy, Crispy Cheeseburger, Po'falafel and Poutine.

First up the Philly Cheesesteak (it came in large or small...this is the large). Great beef and no shortage of cheese in this badboy.

And next the crispy cheeseburger. The crispy part comes from (we assume) letting the burger fry ON TOP of the cheese - giving it that crispy, fried texture (you know, like the cheese that oozes out of your grilled cheese onto the pan and hardens...yeah, THOSE tasty cheese bits).

And lastly, the oyster po'boy.  Crispy fried oysters with tomatoes, lettuce and, if you like, some sriracha sauce to give it a bit of a kick.  It was great - the oysters were nice and moist and the bun was strong enough to hold everything together, but soft enough to squeeze down (and not slice apart your mouth).  

We also had a small side of fries - they were excellent as well - perfectly crispy (a brit fish & chip stand would be proud).

This is a great food-truck stop.  Heck, it's a great restaurant stop, period.  And there's even a nice picnic bench you can sit to nosh your po'boy and munch your poutine at....and then pop next door to Shatterbox for a nice espresso to finish your meal off.

Refiner Diner Food Truck
950 Yates Street (typically)
Facebook: The Refiner Diner Food Truck
Twitter: @Refinerdiner

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