Friday, 15 March 2013

Italian Brunch at Zambri's

I really love heading out for breakfast/brunch. I’m not in the minority in that love as most breakfast restaurants around Victoria suddenly spring line-ups on weekends (and the really good ones have line-ups DURING the week!). Whether our timing was right or not many know about it yet – we were able to waltz right into Zambri’s and grab a lovely table for two just before 11am on a Sunday for their brunch.

As with any meal at Zambri’s, the setting, service and food are really great.

We ordered the meatballs & eggs and Italian scramble. The meatballs were sliced, sitting on two solid pieces of polenta and topped with soft poached eggs. The polenta was sitting on a delicious, fresh tomato sauce with a lovely drizzle of olive oil. Beautiful, tasty, but watch out for errant pieces falling off your fork and into the sauce. I may have splattered a tiny bit of sauce….around the plate…and onto my teapot…and cup…but my napkin remained pristine and white!

Meatballs and Eggs (before sauce disbursement)

The other dish wasn't as napkin challenging.....

The Italian scramble was really great too – a really satisfying portion of fluffy scrambled eggs loaded with peppers, onions and small pieces of potato. I pointedly mention the eggs because a lot of places don’t get the fluffy part…at all…hello, I didn’t order a sliced omelette – so it was great to find well-prepared eggs (which goes back to my second paragraph about this restaurant). And back to the dish - it’s served with a fresh tossed salad.

Italian scramble with salad
The brunch feels like a step up but the prices are in line with most other “brunch” restaurants (the main dishes are $12) – but it is only available on Sundays. One nice option at Zambri’s is being able to make a brunch reservation. So a great thing to keep in mind if you want to step up your weekend brunch but don’t feel like standing in a 45min line-up outside a restaurant.

Zambri's Restaurant
820 Yates Street (in the Atrium Building)
Sunday Brunch 10:30am-2:30pm
Lunch Mon-Sat 11am-3pm
Dinner Sun-Thu 5pm-10pm, Fri/Sat until 11pm

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