Friday, 8 March 2013

Dine-Around - Fiamo Italian Kitchen

Next stop : Fiamo Italian Kitchen near the bottom of Yates Street.

The restaurant was offering both a $20 and $30 menu for Dine-Around - and we obviously weren’t the only people who thought the options sounded interesting – the restaurant was packed – albeit we were there at prime time (7pm) on a prime night (Friday). We weren’t surprised by having to put our name on a long waiting list and then stroll down the block for a drink. As a small, side review – we quite enjoyed a red wine and an on-tap gin-and (locally-made) tonic from Sauce Restaurant.

Back at Fiamo’s, we returned just as our name was up next on the wait-list – and settled into a cozy table tucked up against the brick wall in the main dining room. And now we got down to the business of deciding which menu to try and which options to choose (helped by a glass of prosecco…..conveniently on-tap here – hmmm, apparently I have a theme going with this). We both opted for the $30 menu and agreed to swap half-way through each course (our parents and Sesame Street would be proud).

First courses: tempura soft-shelled crab and bruschetta three-ways. The tempura crab was excellent – a nice, light batter on the crab, served with a tasty aioli. The bruschetta was equally as tasty – the tomato one was a little bite of summer, the smoked tuna was, well, nicely smoky and the Italian sausage was flavourful without being too spicy or greasy (and the bread was firm enough to hold the topping, but not shred your mouth). An cleaned plate and empty cutting board were returned to the kitchen.

    Tempura soft-shelled crab
    Bruschetta Trio

And next up, the main courses:

Our choices were: seafood risotto and pancetta wrapped rabbit. The seafood risotto was exactly as titled – nice, al dente risotto, covered with prawns, mussels and scallops. All of the seafood was prepared very well (prawns still plump and moist, same for the scallops and mussels). It was a little hard stopping at the half-way mark and passing my plate over. This action was made easier by getting to finally taste the dish I had been calling turducken since I first saw it listed on the Dine-Around website – pancetta wrapped rabbit stuffed with chicken and Italian sausage. It was plated on a bed of risotto along with the veggie-of-the-moment, kale. The panrabchicksage had a great meaty flavour (which is not hard with four types of meat per bite), the pancetta especially added to the flavour – providing a nice hit of salty-smoky. It was accompanied well with the creamy, soft risotto. Two nearly clean plates headed back to the kitchen.

    Seafood risotto
    Pancetta wrapped rabbit w/chicken & sausage.

For dessert we ordered the flourless chocolate cake and the tiramisu. My snapshot of the chocolate cake isn’t great (dark cake back-dropped by a dark table) – but know that it was a very generous portion of thick, intense, hit-your-chocolate-craving-where-it-lives, baked goodness. The tiramisu was also delicious –softened lady fingers (we assumed) stacked with light, sweet coffee custard. But we had to wave the white-flag on finishing our desserts – and toted two take-out containers holding midnight-snacks back to the car.

    Flourless chocolate cake

Fiamo's Italian Kitchen
Regular Menu & Hours:
515 Yates Street
Everyday 4pm until late.

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