Saturday, 4 May 2013

Taco Justice League - showing your hunger who's boss

Bring on another food truck! We may not have many of these mobile-kitchens in Victoria, so we're slowly trying to hit them all (or at least a good chunk of them). My last truck post was Refiner Diner, and now we're stepping into the ring with Taco Justice League.  You can find them in the Wellburn's parking lot on Cook Street, near the corner of Pandora.

Taco Justice League Food Truck
It's a small menu...but everything sounds good, so it's still a hard choice...

There's a somewhat standard list of tacos available each day - the Slap to the Kisser (Ahi tuna with aioli, pickled thai chilis, and cilantro lime vinegar slaw), Green Bastard (deep fried avocados, cheddar, watercress slaw, salsa fresca and chipotle aioli), Belly 2 Belly Suplex (slow-cooked pork belly with soy glaze, slaw & thai chilis), and Korean Krippler (bulgogi marinated beef, kim chi, shitake mushrooms and slaw). All are $6 each or two for $11.50. For $12 you can turn any one of them into a burrito with garlic rice (c'est huge!).

First up was the Slap to the Kisser. Seared Ahi tuna - still nice and raw in the middle and not over-powered by the slaw & chilis.  Messy, drippy and Oh. So. Good.

And a Green Bastard - who knew deep fried avocados would taste so good?  Oh yeah, they do.  The taco is really packed with the slaw - but it all holds together well - every bite is excellent.  Grab an extra napkin.

Green Bastard Taco

We really, really like Taco Justice League.  And the hours are pretty good for those not working nearby.  They're currently open 1130am until 6:30pm Monday-Saturday (but call them to double-check).  My lunching companion and I were lucky to have a beautiful day to ride our bikes there....perch ourselves on a nearby bench....and dive into some delicious tacos.

Double-teamed that hunger....out cold.

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