Sunday, 19 May 2013

Tacofino - YAX, then YVR, finally YYJ!

Tacofino has finally landed in Victoria....and it hasn't taken long for the food truck aficionados to 'suss it out. They opened on a Monday and with a few tweets and Facebook posts - there are small line-ups forming by the Thursday we're there for lunch.

Tacofino started in Tofino and then opened another truck in Vancouver. Their third meals-on-wheels is back on the island, landing smack dab in the middle of the Save-On-Foods Memorial Centre parking lot. They also bring their own seating - with 3-4 picnic tables to enjoy your tacos (or burritos) at. Note: this is the back parking lot, off Quadra, in behind the police station (hey, how did the police get so lucky with a taco truck in their backyard?).

We join the line-up and start targeting lunch selections....

The Victoria-truck menu is easy to navigate - two different tacos (one fish, one fried-yam) and five different burritos - fish, pork, chicken, spicy steak and vegetarian. There's also a seasonal tortilla soup and a chocolate cookie. For beverages they have a nice selection of Boylan's sodas.

Both tacos are simple - nestled in a soft flour tortilla and topped with thinly sliced cabbage, chipotle mayo and salsa fresco. The fish (left picture) was great - very moist tempura battered ling cod. The tempura yam (right picture) was really fabulous - thin, crispy and very flavourful.

Fish taco
Tempura yam taco

The burritos are more than enough to hit your hunger and knock it out of the parking lot - it was the size of a Nerf football, but waaay heavier. All are filled with seasoned basmati rice, black beans, chipotle mayo, shredded cabbage and your chosen protein - on this day we tried the tempura battered cod (moist and flaky, same as with the tacos) and the pork (braised, moist and plentiful). There's also a vegetarian (or vegan, if you want) one on the menu, but that'll have to wait for a future lunch stop.

Fish burrito

Pork burrito

And for dessert - we had the Chocolate-Diablo Cookie. A chocolate cookie with ginger and chili....and then topped with chunks of milk chocolate and sprinkled with salt. Loved this cookie!  A great twist with the spice - it really elevated a good chocolate cookie to great. And it's big enough to share (if you feel inclined).

Chocolate-Diablo Cookie

The Tacofino truck is a another fun food truck to hit the scene in Victoria. The fare here is fresh and well prepared (and pretty darn fast while we were here). So if the SOFMC (do we all still call it the Memorial?) is in your 'hood - check 'em out.

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