Saturday, 11 May 2013

Charelli's & Co. - say Cheese...sandwich.

Charelli's is a great little cheese shop in Oak Bay (well, truthfully it's on the edge - across the street is Victoria) - but it's not quite in my 'hood, and I find I don't get there as often as I'd like (which could be daily, but I'd settle for once every couple of weeks). And now I really need to get to them more because they have a tiny cafe to go along with their amazing cheese shop & deli.

The original cheese shop was two doors to the left from where it is now and they've turned this spot into Charelli's & Co. It's a lovely little counter/restaurant open for breakfast and lunch (2863 Foul Bay Rd, Tue-Sun, 8am-3pm). The menu changes weekly and is posted on their facebook site, if you want to pre-plan your attack.

This was my third attempt at eating here - the first time we arrived at 3:10....the next time we got in the door, clutching our debit cards and read the "cash only" sign. So onto lucky visit number three - we're through the door, seated on stools with menu items picked from the blackboard above the "kitchen".

Breakfast items look and sound great (skillet eggs with creamed spinach on this week's menu and the granola in the giant glass jar adjacent to our bar stools is chock full of dried fruits and nuts). Today some of their offerings include five different sandwiches, pizza and a ploughman's platter for two. We begin by wetting our whistles with glasses of homemade ginger and lemonade with fresh cilantro.

Homemade Ginger Lemonade with Cilantro

We settle on two sandwiches - a Brie & Pear and a PB PB & C.

The Brie & Pear is fabulous - it should actually be called the Big-Slab-of-Brie and pear sandwich, as it's stacked high with thick slices of brie and pear, topped arugula pesto, greens and onions. The bun is lovely too - soft enough to enjoy, but strong enough to hold all these big bits of goodness in. A nice handful of thick crinkle-cut kettle chips are served on the side (or you can do soup or salad for a twoonie more).

Pear & Brie Sandwich with Arugula Pesto

The PB PB & C is the code name for peanut-butter, pear, bacon, bacon jam & cheese. Yes. All that. In one sandwich. Then grilled. Really unique and really good. It's got that whole salty-sweet melty-crispy thing going for it. Who'd have thought? (chef Anna did, thank goodness).

Peanut Butter, Pear, Bacon, Bacon Jam & Cheese Sandwich

Charelli's & Co. is a great place to stop for a casual bite to eat (or to grab some tasty take-out). The chef makes much in-house (including the puff pastry for the sausage rolls) and you know the cheese & meat choices will be top notch. Looks like my hopeful bi-weekly cheese shop visits may need to tack on a lunch stop as well.

Twist my triple-cream-brie arm.

Charelli's & Co.
2863 Foul Bay Rd.
Tue-Sun, 8am-3pm

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