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Donuts - the new cupcakes in town

We've had the cupcake craze happening in Victoria for several years now (the stores run the gamut - big, small, vegan, tv show tie-in, you name it). It wasn't like cupcakes didn't exist before this proliferation about five years ago - but the grocery store versions were mere shadows of the gourmet goods getting iced today. And now, I'm quite sure, the next big thing is gaining momentum - doughnuts. And like the aforementioned barbie-sized cakes, these are not your garden-run timmy's old fashioned plain.

In the name of exhaustive research, I will endeavour to try as many as I can (read: before I have to move the notch on my belt). To start off - I've hit two purveyors recently - Doughboy Donuts and Yonni's.

Doughboy Donuts can be found at some of the nicer coffee shops around town, but also Saturdays at the Moss Street Market. Inside the courtyard, tucked in the corner, the day's offerings are on display, each identified on the butcher paper covering the table.
Doughboys is currently not creating their fabulous donuts - but hopefully we'll see them around soon.

Doughboys Donut Stall at Saturday Moss St. Market
Doughboys Saturday Selection
On the two occasions I've visited the stall (research people, research!)...it's a steady stream of people coming...and the inventory doesn't last long...

As a special for Mother's day - they had created a Mimosa doughnut. Looking very avant-garde in its square form, it had a subtle taste of orange, flecks of zest in the doughnut and sprinkled on top of teh Prosecco glaze. The other flavour we tried was rhubarb ginger, in fritter form. This doughnut is amazing! Moist pockets of rhubarb in a light dough with just a soft hint of ginger. I did share it...but that move came with some regret. Not tried, but also available - triple chocolate and gluten-free carrot cake.
Mimosa Doughnut (for Mother's Day!)
Rhubarb Ginger Fritter

Doughboys is fun - I like the fact they try out new flavours - follow their tweets to get some hints about what they'll be bringing to market (but act fast on the day for that rhubarb fritter).

Next doughnut shop up is Yonni's Doughnuts. You can find Yonni's at all the Discovery Coffee locations. They're made at the James Bay one, but delivered to the other shops daily. Good of them to spread this goodness around, for those of us not living or working near Menzies & Michigan.

I believe they have 8-10 different flavours on a daily basis - and, depending on your arrival time at your chosen Discovery Coffee address, you may get to choose from all of them (I'd suggest a 10am time-slot).

Yonni's display case part one
Yonni's display case - part deux
We've visited Discovery Coffee a few times to try as many different Yonni's doughnuts as we can (and partake in some splendid coffee as well). Each visit includes the arduous task of picking a flavour. So far (tho our quest has not ended, in the name of timely journalism, I'm reporting to-date, the crumbs on our plate - ooo, a rhyme!) we've dug into a Boston Cream, PB&J, Spiced Pecan Caramel and Maple Apple Fritter.

The Boston was heavenly. I don't think I've had quite as 'real' tasting a Boston Cream as this (the thought actually popped into my head "so THIS is what they're suppose to taste like!"). The filling is thick, smooth, and not overly sweet. Careful on the first bite, it'll be oozing out for sure (we opted to slice and share). The PB&J was also very good - filled with jam and coated in a peanut butter glaze. It'll bring you back to grade school (and you won't want to trade this for anyone else's).

Boston Cream
PB & J

We also tried the Spiced Pecan Caramel doughnut. Oh my. A simple doughnut, covered in a caramel glazed and sprinkled with pecans - that have been spiced (sweet/savoury - a mix of salt/sugar/pepper/rosemary). Flavourful and unique - this was a standout one for us. And finally, the Maple Apple Fritter - a large fritter specked with tiny cubes of apple and coated in a light maple glaze.

Yonni's - Spiced Pecan Carmel
Yonni's - Maple Apple Fritter

Yonni's doughnuts are real treats (in both size and flavours) - they're great for sharing or for hording to yourself. I'm looking forward to trying the other flavours - that pink one with the cream-cheese icing and sprinkles is definitely speaking to me.

So get out there and ride the next wave of food trends. Although Victoria hasn't been devoid of good doughnuts (as my Aunt professes the Fort & Foul Bay Safeway Apple Fritter is THE best), the scene has been lacking (a sparse few of you may remember Ian's Cafe counter with a plate of fresh donuts under glass).

Feels like a good time for this. If we're slowly building our food-truck fleet a la Portland - then why not follow that city's Voodoo Doughnut or Seattle's Top Pot Doughnuts' blazed trail?

Bring out your inner Homer.

Doughboy Donuts
- Moss St. Market, Moss St/Fairfield Rd (Saturdays)
- Hudson Market, btw Douglas St./Blanshard St., Fisgard St/Herald St (Sundays)
- Fairfield Market, 1275 Oscar St (Saturdays)

Yonni's Doughnuts
- found at Discovery Coffee locations

Discovery Station on Urbanspoon

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