Friday, 26 April 2013

West Coast Waffles - not just breakfast food

Decided to do breakfast for dinner at West Coast Waffles on Broad Street tonight. Well, not exactly breakfast – but they were waffles. Encouraged by a recent Groupon offer (valid M-F), we made our premier trek there for some waffle-iron action.

They have both the savoury and sweet side covered here – savoury choices include smoked salmon with cream cheese, brie and apple, chicken and BBQ sauce, and pizza. For the sweet tooth there are lots of fresh fruit selections, chocolate and almonds, Nutella and one with frozen yogurt. Some have ingredients mixed in before hitting the iron, others are topped with fun stuff. They’re a good size for sharing too.

You also get to choose your batter type – they have traditional, buckwheat, and spelt/oatmeal (that's diabetic friendly) – so these guys are really covering lots of dietary options. First step was figuring out what we wanted – so we joined other diners, blankly staring up at the huge menu, trying to narrow down the choices.

Order/cashier with full menu on display

And finally we made some decisions…

We opted to split a savoury (for the dinner part) and a sweet (for the dessert end). First up was the pizza waffle – and we took the advice of the server and went with the buckwheat batter (gluten isn’t a problem for us…but he said it was a great, healthy choice… then we topped it with pizza sauce, pepperoni, ham and melted cheese – not sure if we negated or obliterated that healthy option…but it was tasty!).

Pizza waffle with small tossed greens & ranch dressing

The buckwheat was really great – a nice, subtle nutty flavour to it. We could easily quarter the “pizza” as well and pick it up to eat.

And onto dessert – again with the buckwheat batter option – and again cancelled out possible health-benefits with chocolate syrup and almonds (both of which are baked into the waffle and used as garnish on top). Like the pizza waffle, the buckwheat went really well with the chocolate, almonds and whip cream.

Chocolate & almond waffle with whip cream

We had friendly, fast & helpful service at West Coast Waffles while we were there and really enjoyed what we ate (especially the sweet one). We’d head back – and there are some other ones I’d like to try on the menu - perhaps the Mike Lyall – bacon, chocolate and cheese IN the batter with maple syrup for dipping, but ’ll wait for a wild and crazy mood to hit me for that one.

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