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Paul's Restaurant - Breakfast with a side of Victoria history

Paul’s Restaurant (at Paul's Motor Inn) on Douglas Street (between Discovery & Chatham) is definitely a Victoria institution. You probably know someone (or maybe it’s you) who remembers when you would see the who’s who of Victoria at Paul’s (and if they weren't there, they were at the Princess Mary). The hours may have changed (not 24/7 anymore) and locations (the Finalyson/Douglas one is no more), but the classic booths and diner meals haven’t.

Three of us dropped in for breakfast on a recent Sunday (one of us had never been, one hadn’t been in decades and one was there the day before!). The booths are built in a u-shape around the service area and kitchen opening. They have openings on both sides – so the waitress can easily serve and clear. Love it.

Classic side booth access for the waitress.
Then we ordered-up some breakfast...

The breakfasts are served all-day, save for the griddle items (pancakes, French toast) and eggs-benedicts, both of these cut off at 11:30…or earlier if the hollandaise runs out. First up – the Griddle Special - two pancakes, three slices of bacon (or sausage) and two eggs (any style....this time around: soft poached). Pancakes were fluffy, eggs were runny and the bacon wasn’t see-through.

The Griddle Special with poached eggs and bacon

Next order – two eggs (scrambled), three slices of bacon, hash browns and sourdough toast. Eggs were a little more omelette-style than fluffy scrambled – but still tasted fine. And the toast was kept company with the jam-packed (no pun intended) spread-caddy (because someone will want marmalade and someone else PB and someone else strawberry….I still like a place like this that gives all the choices).

Two-Egg breakfast with bacon

Final order – the Arsen-al (named for the owner Paul)  three eggs (over-easy), two slices of bacon, two sausages, hash browns and toast. Full plate out, clean plate sent back.

The "Arsen-al" 3 eggs, 2 bacon & 2 sausage

Paul’s is comparable to Denny’s or the like – so if you’re after a nice, simple diner breakfast – why not eat at one with a good bit of Victoria history behind it?

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