Monday, 22 April 2013

Finest at Sea - fish & chowda!

Another (somewhat) sunny Saturday in Victoria and we find ourselves on the search for some fish & chips again – this time next door to Fisherman’s Wharf. Finest At Sea (FAS) seafood (in a green heritage house) on Erie St in Victoria, overlooking Fisherman’s Wharf Park, is a great fish-monger, now wearing a restaurant hat (well, at least a take-out kiosk cap).

The retail fish store inside the house is under construction currently - so sales have been moved outside to a shiny trailer in the parking lot. And the best part - now they're cooking fish in this kiosk to serve! Fish, chips and chowder, to be exact. The small crowd ordering when we're there is an even split between those picking up fresh halibut & salmon fillets and those ready to dive into some yam fries with their halibut burger.

F.A.S. kiosk in parking lot beside store

Bring on the fish!...

The menu, like the kiosk, is small – you have a choice of halibut or salmon in a two forms: burger (on Heron Rock Bistro buns) or classic fish & chips style (choice of potato or yam fries). They also carry Red Fish Blue Fish chowder (a delicious, Thai-coconut style one).

We opted for a two piece order of the halibut fish and chips. The fish is sustainably caught (so both your tummy and your head can feel good). We loved the super thin batter (almost tempura like) on the fish - and it was nicely cooked (a.k.a. not over-cooked) and flaked apart easily. And the yam fries were crispy and plentiful. Served with a nice, vinegary tartar for the fish and aioli for the yam fries.

Two piece halibut and yam fries with tartar and aioli

And we also ordered the chowder. It was a really large bowl for $6 – with your choice of chunks of salmon or halibut added to it (we opted for the latter). I’ve always liked the Red Fish Blue Fish chowder – and now I have another venue option when I have a craving.

Red Fish, Blue Fish chowder available here!
BIG chunks of halibut added to the chowder

It’s nice having Finest At Sea as an option for fresh fish burgers, fish & chips & chowder – feels good supporting local…and it tastes pretty darn good too.

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