Saturday, 2 May 2015

The Ruby - breakfast at the Zed

You've probably noticed the brightly repainted Hotel Zed across from Mayfair Mall on Douglas...well, now there's a great new restaurant on the property - The Ruby.

They may not be the Corner Gas version with Lacey & her chili dogs…

 - but this Ruby serves up some great breakfasts (and lunch and dinner too, but we've only tried the early-mornings).

Server station and kitchen

Chicken tile-art

If there's a wait for a table - they'll send you downstairs with a coffee...which is fabulous - because it's the rec room you dreamed of as a kid - ping pong! tv's! bean-bag chairs! wii!

The rec room at the Hotel Zed

The ruby is licensed, in case you need something stronger than coffee to get your motor running in the morning.

Breakfast offerings (served until 2:30pm) are wide (but not so deep you'll take forever deciding) - tacos, waffles, oatmeal, quinoa porridge, hash, bennies & omelettes.

First up for us: tacos. They have three different types (2 regulars and 1 daily special) and you get three in an order - so have them all the same or go for a variety, like I did. My trio included chicken, refried beans, and the daily special with avocado & chimichurri - all of them with scrambled eggs inside as well. We also ordered the Canadian benny (thick slices of Red Barn bacon with avocado and, as requested, medium poached eggs). The change up at the Ruby? Your bread choice is croissant or english crumpet (my mom order the latter, which stood up really well with the hollandaise). Most breakfasts are served with a rectangle of potato & yam hash browns (soft on the inside, with a near-mashed texture).

Breakfast tacos, 1 each of the 3 flavours

Canadian benny w/ bacon & avocado

On another morning we ordered Mexican eggs (refried beans toped with the Ruby's rotisserie chicken, over-easy eggs, avocado, salsa & fresh corn chips) and a classic breakfast of eggs, bacon, hash browns & toast.

Mexican eggs w/ chicken & refried beans

Classic breaky

We've really enjoyed the Ruby for breakfast and will be back soon - as I have my eye on the Duck Confit Benny (with truffled hollandaise). I also have plans to hit Happy Hour there (2:30-5pm) - with great specials on their beverages (cocktails, wine & beer) and food (poutine, meatballs, duck wings, tacos and more).

And there's free parking….and (currently) no brunch line-up - and there's that ping-pong table to work up an appetite at.

The Ruby
3110 Douglas St (at Hotel Zed, across from Mayfair Centre)

8am-9pm, everyday
Facebook: The Ruby Victoria
Twitter: TheRubyYYJ

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  1. First time I went here I thought you'd like it. 1/4 chicken n beans, and diop sandwich is good and so is duck confit Benny,