Friday, 6 March 2015

MOMO Sushi To Go - Give me MO!

Sometimes it seems like sushi places are like coffee shops - new ones are popping up constantly (usually replacing ones that have just closed) - such a crazy cycle. I can't keep up - but I'm trying to!
I drive by this Quadra location (across from the police station at Caledonia) constantly - and have watched it morph from coffee to curry to sushi. I think this latter one will stay.

Opened in early December - you can't miss the building - painted hot pink/fushia...

Bright fushia exterir of MOMO
Grab it to go (or stay)
...with bright green balusters and lanterns hanging near the door. If you're drawn to this, great. If not, just go in anyway.

You order at the counter and grab a seat (sometimes we've paid immediately, other times we've paid after the meal).

And they have very adorable sushi bobble heads along the sushi-prep area.

Nigiri bobbleheads!

But more about the sushi you can eat (just as cute!).

Agedashi tofu was delicious - piping hot and crispy outside/soft inside, topped with slivers of seaweed. The sunomono salad was chocked full of noodles, shrimp, julienned cukes & carrots and a prawn (for $5!) - a salad on the less acidic side than other sunomonos I've had.

Agedashi tofu
Sunimono salad
Bento boxes were NOT small - these will satisfy even the bigger appetites. The nigiri pieces were very substantial (in size & number), as were the sashimi slices.

Nigiri bento box (w/ beef teriyaki & tempura)
Sashimi bento box (w/ chicken teriyaki & tempura)
The maki (both regular & special) were all great - carefully constructed, fresh and/or hot fillings and artfully plated. The rainbox roll was a thing of beauty - multicoloured fish slices topped with multicoloured row.

Dynamite roll
Rainbow roll
The plating of the dragon rolls was beautiful too - snaking across the plate with full headdresses.

Black dragon roll (topped with bbq eel)
Red dragon roll (topped with salmon)
I really love this place and feel it's my new go-to sushi place. There's a few tables inside for seating (so you don't have to just "go"). The interior is very clean and bright and the couple running the restaurant are very polite and appreciative of their customers. The TV running Japanese pop videos (J-Pop?) is mesmerizing - mostly because the audio comes from the radio playing different music - but they oddly synchronize occasionally.

MOMO Sushi To Go
1921 Quadra St
Mon-Sat 11am-8pm

Facebook: MOMO Sushi To Go

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