Friday, 30 January 2015

tetote - d'best delivery du jour

I love going out to lunch - but sometimes you can't get away from work and must avail yourself to places willing to bring food to you.

And in the case of tetote lunch-box/bento-box delivery - you may be inclined to order "in" more often.

What is tetote?
- one of the freshest, fun & delicious food trucks in Victoria owned and operated by Chef Naotatsu Ito (who previously owned Daidoco in Nootka Court).

In the summers you can find them Saturdays at the Moss St. Market and Wednesday evenings at the Oaklands Sunset Market. They focus on Japanese food - including bento boxes and rice burgers - utilizing many organic, Japanese veggies from Umi Nami farms in Metchosin.

tetote food truck - Moss St. & Oaklands Sunset Markets

But in the late fall, winter & early spring - they'll bring their delicious lunches right to you ...
...(and so politely too!)
Such a polite bento box!
Each Tuesday through Friday, they prepare one type of meal and deliver it throughout the Victoria area. Check their FaceBook page beginning at 7am the day before to see what they'll be serving - it will be described and adorably drawn...

Daily menu illustration (including a Daikon chef!)

The lunches (minimum order of 2) are $12 each and delivered right to your office from 11am-noon. If you're a single - email them - a solo bento pick up may be possible, downtown, near Market Square.

Here's the local pork and leek in 3D:

Apple cured local pork

And the last herring of the season on rice with four sides, in pencil crayon and in the flesh:
Herring and some happy cubes of Kabocha Squash

And the live & in person herring

And the first tune poke of the season:
Tuna Poke on a Friday

And the delivered lunch

I love eating tetote's food - mostly because it's delicious and a little because it makes me feel virtuous (I'm supporting local, organic and healthy food choices)…and all I have to do is send an email and crack open some chopsticks.

Bento box delivery
Tuesday-Friday (menus posted Monday-Thursday)
Facebook: tetote

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