Thursday, 11 December 2014

R 'n' R Diner - Classic Peninsula Diner

The R 'n' R Diner in Central Saanich may have a modern setting on the outside - but it's all classic in the inside. From the food to the decor to the old-fashioned service (the latter being: on-the-ball, whip-smart & fast).

The outside is actually a little unassuming....

But the diner part comes thru loud and clear as soon as you step in the door. Maybe it's the stools at the counter...

or maybe the classic car photos on the walls. And the photos aren't just props - they are pictures of patrons' personal automobiles. Everywhere you look - it's shiny red and checkerboard - love it!

Checkeboards everywhere, including the cozy.
Classic counter and personalized stools.

Even the tea-cozy is perfectly themed. And hey! They have TEA-COZIES! Tea-drinkers getting taking care of - boo-yeah!

But onto the food, breakfast this time around (Mon-Fri they're open 'til 7pm, if you need an early dinner). We hit the timing right and got a booth practically right away, even though it was prime Saturday brunch time.

The menu is long - choices are plentiful and decisions are hard.

First up for us - chicken fried steak. Can't get more classic than that - it was piping hot, crispy and delicious, served with toast. The rest of the table lobbied well for tasters (which were relinquished begrudgingly) and were not disappointed.

Chicken fried steak
Next up a special of the day - a pancake club of sorts.

Pancake clubhouse

Three fluffy pancakes interspersed with a sausage patty, fried eggs and ham. this was a fun breakfast - and although it looks a little crazy large in the photo - it was a reasonable size - pancakes were about 5" in diameter.

And finally a chili-hash.

Chili hash with scrambled eggs

Fried potatoes covered in chili and scrambled eggs - in case you want a breaky-lunch hybrid. This was really tasty and a big portion to boot. Would order this again.

We all had a really great meal at the R'n'R. The decor is really fun, the service is fast & efficient, but most importantly, the food is good.

And there's Cheez Whiz on the table.
Oh yeah baby..

R 'n' R Diner
7816 East Saanich Road

M-F 6am-7pm
S/S 6am-3pm

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