Thursday, 5 December 2013

de'lish - Tweed Curtain Treats

Years ago it was a bakery, now (for the past few years) this tiny St. Patrick street storefront holds a fresh new array of baked goods. Gone are the brown-paper wrapped loaves of bread with your family's name on them (hands up those who remember THAT!); replaced by a shiny red espresso machine, caramelized onion tarts, homemade soups, rhubarb compote topped porridge and seating inside & out.

You'll find de'lish on St Patrick Street, near the corner of Central Avenue - just a short stroll up from Beach Drive.

de'lish on St. Patrick Street in Oak Bay

Once you step through the door, de'ish's tasty looking creations are laid out in front of you.
There's also menu board above the counter area - listing daily frittatas, savoury tarts, homemade soups, mac & cheese and more.

Front counter at de'lish & daily menu on wall

There's lots of selection on both the savoury and sweet side. The former includes sausage rolls, Cornish pasties, frittatas, grilled sandwiches and assorted salads.

Savoury case with pies, rolls, salads and more

The sweet side of the case also has plenty to tempt you - including lemon tarts, truffles, sticky date mini loaves, almond squares, several types of cookies and really fabulous looking cakes (that aren't burdened by excessive icing - see picture on right, bottom row).

Sweet case at de'lish
Row of cakes in several sizes & flavours
We opted for a sliced lunch - one roasted squash & caramelized onion tart and one French tart with ricotta, roasted tomato and zucchini. Both were really great - the squash one had a nice crust and just enough egg custard to hold the squash in. The ricotta tart was silky smooth and balanced nicely with the lightly roasted tomatoes.

Squash tart
Ricotta tart with lightly roasted tomatoes & zuchini

There was definitely a lot more on the menu that I want to try - and if the execution is anything like these two tarts - it'll be great. Mac 'n' cheese - here I come! They also do catering at de'lish - and you'll find a well-stocked freezer near the register with stocks, sauces and frozen entrees - all made in house.

And then we finished off the meal with a tarte au citron - aka lemon tart - it was silky smooth, creamy and just the right amount of tartness. Crust was great too - a great flaky/cookie balance. Definitely one of the better ones I've had around town.

Tarte au citron - smooth, creamy & just-right-tartness

de'lish is a great little neighbourhood deli/cafe. If you live close, you're pretty lucky; if you're visiting that neck of the woods, then here's the perfect stop for something delicious to eat/drink in a quaint setting.

You can even cosy up outside - there's plex-glass protecting the outside seating, heaters and embroidered red fleece blankets to keep the chill away.

Cozy fleece blankets for the patio tables

de'lish catering
677 St Patrick Street
Open everyday at 8am, Mon-Sat 'til 5pm, Sun 'til 4pm


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