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Over Easy Breakfast (YYC) - boxed happiness

I was recently in Calgary, the home of the Stampede and, as I soon found out, amazing breakfast joints (those Calgarians take their brunches as seriously as we do here on the coast). By some accommodation fairy luck, my friends and I found ourselves within three short blocks of 3 of Calgary's great breakfast places.

Our timing wasn't the greatest on our first morning out - but after carefully strategizing the second morning, we found ourselves tucked into Over Easy Breakfast (OEB) in the NE.

OEB on Edmonton Trail NE + light dusting of snow.

The retro-inspired interior is bright, fun & comfortable. There's a communal table that runs down the middle and individual tables around the perimeter. Look up and check out.....

....the tray ceiling - it's finished with blackboard paint and filled in with some breakfast mantras.

The great retro-inspired interior & communal center table

And the lighting dangling about the center bar is perfect. And you don't forget where you are.

Great namesake light fixture.

The menu is not small - with lots of selection is each category (classic eggs, benny's, waffles, french toast, breakfast poutines and then some truly inventive offerings: cured pork shoulder w/figs, toms & a fried duck egg; smoked black cod egg scramble; duck confit & bacon w/ perogies: to name just a few).

So focus in on the drink section first and order yourself up a beverage while perusing the menu. OEB has a great selection of smoothies (if you want a fruit hit right off the bat) and they're also licensed (if you're, say, on a girls weekend away and no one's worried about driving: bailey's & coffee....with a little biscotti too!).

A round of smoothies and an OEB coffee (w/Bailey's)

Once our table thawed (hey, we're Victoria girls in Calgary....4C is cold for us!) we ordered up breakfast - one french toast, one waffle and two breakfast poutines (one scallop and one pork belly).

First up, the french toast: simple and delicious - not too crisp, thick or eggy. With a hint of cinnamon and orange in each bite, topped with sliced fresh strawberries (addtn'l charge). The Belgium waffle was similar - hot, crisp & tasty (also with the addition of strawberries).

Classic french toast with orange zest
Belgium waffle & strawberries

...and then the poutines. I'm quite sure these are the signature dishes for OEB. They're labeled Box'd - because that's how they're served - in a take-out box....which aids in keeping all the delicious St. Albert cheese curds, gravy and duck-fat fried potatoes hot and melty. And yes, you read right: duck-fat fried potatoes. Oh my.

Box on the left is the Hog & Scallop: thick sliced bacon chunks and perfectly seared Digby Scallops (still soft and moist on the inside). On the right is the Gold Digga: chunks of pork belly with black truffle. Both were served with perfectly soft-poached eggs, brown-butter Hollandaise and garnished with micro greens.

Hog & Scallop (seared Digby Scallops & bacon)
Gold Digga (pork belly & black truffle)

We loved our meals at OEB. If you live in Calgary - darn you're lucky! If you're traveling there and want a great breakfast place - seek it out (and if you encounter a line-up: wait it out or leave your phone number - they are worth it).

Next time I'm in town, I'll be heading here again - there's so much more on their menu that I'd love to try.

Maybe they should think about a satellite Victoria?

OEB (Over Easy Breakfast)
824 Edmonton Trail, NE Calgary
Daily 7am-3pm
twitter: OEB_Breakfast

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