Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Roast Carvey - a slice of heaven

The Victoria Public Market is open!

I'm actually relieved that the places are rolling out at a slower pace (if they were all open at once, I would probably agonize over the decision on where to eat).

First stop:

I just met up with a friend for lunch so we can check-out Roast Carvery. The stall is in the middle of the market with a simple sign hanging high out front...generally with a line of eager patrons waiting beneath it.

It's not hard to see what their "wares" are - right at the front of the stall, the owner is slicing off roasts of pork, beef and chicken (and occasionally lamb, as a recent tweet informed me). There is also a veggie sandwich as well - in case you're not hankering for roast beast.

The roasts are served two ways: traditional sandwich, or you can opt for it in a bowl over a kale caesar salad.

Pork roast with crackling, ready for slicing
Sliced and assembled as you stand there

The lighting is absolutely mesmerizing. As if you're not already staring longingly at these glistening roasts - the spotlights illuminate them and everything else seems to fade into the background.

Our chosen sandwiches (one beef and one pork) are wrapped and labeled for easy identification (at the lower part of the tab is a sketch of a cow, pig, chicken or (I'll assume, as I didn't see) a veggie of some sort.

Ready to go, one beef, one pork (identifying "heads" on labels)

It takes all the patience we can muster to snap pictures (sandwiches spread open, so you can see all the good bits) before diving in.

The roast beef was amazing - roasted to a juicy medium, thick slices are layered onto a soft but sturdy Portuguese bun and dressed with chimichurri sauce, a few rings of pickled onions and a quick sprinkle of coarse salt.

The Porchetta follows suit - moist slices of pork and some bits of crackling are roughly chopped on the butcher board before being placed onto the bun - then topped with the chimichurri sauce, a branch of broccoli rapini and slices of provolone cheese.

Roast beef with chimichurri & pickled onion slices
Porchetta with chimichurri sauce, broccoli rapini & cheese

No question about it - these were delicious sandwiches. Moist, flavourful roasts and buns that "held it together" without slicing your mouth apart.

If you're wanting a side - there's a selection in an adjacent cooler : roasted potato salad, pickled beets, quinoa & kale, roasted vegetables. Some of the offerings sound perfect for putting together a great picnic/appetizer platter - humus, Spanish romesca, marinated aartichokes and chicken liver pate.

I'll be a repeat customer at Roast for sure. And my lunch companion? Already beat me to it - went the very next day, same sandwich.

Yep. That good.

Roast Carvery
Victoria Public Market
Tue-Sat 9:30am-6:30pm
Sun 9:30am-5pm
twitter: @RoastCarvery

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