Monday, 7 October 2013

Jubilee Pharmacy...there's food too!

A food blog with a Pharmacy entry?
Yes, it sounds like a miss-post, but you need to know about this store.

Jubilee Pharmacy has two locations - one kitty-corner from the Jubilee Hospital (that one you could see coming, I'm sure) and the brand-new, second location on Johnson Street at Quadra. If you're now performing a mental Google Map - this location used to house a rotating array of carpet vendors (and Fabricland, way back when). The rugs are gone, the reno's are done and the food is here.

Yes, it's THAT old carpet building

Jubilee Pharmacy AND MARKET!

The original location is always an interesting place to shop for groceries. Two jam-packed aisles are loaded with an incredible selection of sauces, spices, pasta, gluten-free items, dried fruits, exotic chocolates, pop, jams and so much more. Shoppers brave tight aisles, barely allowing two people with hefted baskets to pass, to access the unique selection and amazing prices.

The second location?...

You can waltz through the aisles now AND still get the great selection and bargains.

Big wide aisles
And handy aisle markers too

What are you going to find at the Jubilee Pharmacy? A great product selection that's hard to pigeon hole. They don't specialize in any one area (gluten-free, all-natural, island-made) but cover all these bases - and quite decently too. From Bob's Red Mill Cereals to Raincoast Trading sustainable canned fish to Italian jarred tomatoes to Dan-D-Pack Cashews (at less than $0.99/100g recently) to Blue Sky soda (best price in town). And a few thousand other products in between.

Here's a quick shot of the baking (and more) aisle and the sundry aisle (toys, dish clothes, kitchen gadgets).

Baking (and more) aisle
Toys, kitchen gadgets, fun-finds.
I've found prices to be really good at Jubilee - especially on flyer items. And these great deals obviously come from quantity purchases by the owner/pharmacist - check out the tower of chips recently displayed in store.

Oh - and the cutest grocery carts.

Grocery cart - old school

There's also a cafe inside Jubilee complete with delicious looking treats (and sandwiches made daily at the store) and lots of seating (which makes me wish I worked near there for mid-day coffee breaks)

Tasty looking treats & fresh sandwiches
Funky seating in the cafe (located at front of store)

You really should check this place out - no one I've sent there has been disappointed.

Need another reason? Okay:

Jubilee Pharmacy and Market

851 Johnson St
Mon-Fri 9am-6pm
Sat 10am-6pm

1775 Fort St (at Richmond Ave)
Mon-Fri 8am-8pm
Sat 9am-6pm
Sun 12pm-4pm
twitter: JubileePharmacy
Facebook: Jubilee Pharmacy