Saturday, 8 March 2014

Tre Fantastico - fantastic cubed.

This is not a coffee review - I will leave that to the professionals out there.

I'm all about the food.

And this is all about the breakfast.

A short and sweet review for a small & sweet place.

Most people that I mention Tre Fantastico to, have either a) been and loved it or  b) don't believe there's a coffee-house there and fire-up Google street view. But don't be frightened - it's easy to find, just surprising to some that it's there.

Tre Fantastico is located in the Parkside Resort on Humboldt Street - where their cosy patio is shaded by huge trees and their view is across to the gardens and buildings of St. Ann's. You'll easily forget you're half a block from Blanshard St.

Yes, that's it…..Tre Fantastico!

Building on the strong base of Caffe Fantastico coffee and their coffee-houses around town - this location is licensed and has a small kitchen that cranks out great food. You can stop in for coffee & a muffin, a local brew & grilled sausage, a glass of peninsula wine & a charcuterie plate or….well, the list goes on (and there's gourmet popcorn too!)

But I said short and sweet - so we'll focus on breakfast for now.

We ordered at the counter and carried our number plate to an open table (ok, to be truthful, I did have to hover a bit for a table to empty, but the cycle seems well timed - just as your coffee/latte is ready, ta-dah! seating opens up).

A very short time later, our table is hosting a lovely plate of scrambled eggs with chorizo from Choux Choux Charcuterie (served with roasted, rosemary potato wedges) and a soft-but-sturdy brioche bun holding a fried egg, thick-cut bacon, cheese & fresh pea shoots.

Delicious. Every last bite.

This is why it's a bit of musical tables….it's no secret how great this place is.

Chorizo scramble

Breakfast sandwich with bacon

I also saw poached eggs cradled in a bowl full of bright, blanched kale being served to several tables.

Next breakfast, I'm all over that.

TRE Fantastico
810 Humboldt St.
Daily 7am-10pm

Twitter: @TreFantastico

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