Thursday, 1 August 2013

Melt Truck - Giving Cheese a Chance

The Melt Truck is a newer food truck on the scene in Victoria. Parked currently on Rock Bay Avenue, near to Bay Street - you can find them nestled under the giant 'Bayliss Sign' sign. It's easy to pull up and get food from them - lots of free street parking...and they're situated IN a small parking lot.

Like you need another reason to stop and have a grilled cheese sandwich?

Melt Truck parked under the 'Bayliss Sign' on Rock Bay Ave

It's a shiny new truck with the daily menu posted to the right of the order window. You can also check their Facebook site for menu updates.

They're open from 7am-2pm Monday to Friday - plenty of time to feed your grilled-cheese needs....

The menu rotates a little from day to day. We've had a chance to try a breakfast sandwich and a few of the lunch ones.

Breakfast sandwich is great - a classic fried egg sandwich. A lovely fresh Bond Bonds bun with a couple slices of thick cut bacon, a fried egg (still a little runny=heaven!) and melted cheese. The owner checked if I want it cut and handed it to me with the instructions to eat it while it's hot - and I did. And it is good. Very good. It's a simple sandwich, but when all the ingredients are great, it's so much more.

Breakfast sandwich - fried egg, thick bacon, & cheese

Next up is a combo in a sandwich - the Mac Daddy. Grilled cheese, pulled pork and macaroni and cheese.

Yes, in a grilled cheese sandwich. Unconventional and delicious at the same time.

Mac-Daddy - pulled pork AND mac/cheez IN the sandwich

Another lunch offering - the bacon and brie. Grilled to a perfect melty-ness - the creaminess of the brie and the saltiness of the bacon went together great. Again, a simple sandwich, but kicked up a notch with quality ingredients.

Brie & Bacon Grilled Cheese

And for those who want a bit of a kick with their gooey cheese - the spicy caprese - young mozzarella, sliced tomatoes, basil and banana peppers. There was also a pulled pork with banana peppers....but although my eyes said yes, my stomach had to take a rain cheque. The caprese was excellent - spicy peppers married great with the sweeter toms & basil.

Spicy Caprese - tomato, young mozza, basil & banana peppers

Service is really friendly and helpful too (which is typically the case when the owner of the truck is taking your order and/or cooking your meal). The Melt Truck's owner was with Thrifty Foods for years (as in more than 20, as in when Mr. Campbell picked the best and brightest). And it shows here at the truck.

But like I said earlier - do you realy need another reason to have a grilled cheese sandwich?

The Melt Truck
Mon-Fri 7am-2pm
Rock Bay Ave, near Bay St., under the Bayliss sign
On Facebook - with menu updates daily.

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